"For I am the Lord, who heals you."
(EXODUS 15:26)


STEVEN ZARIT A Jewish Believers Testimony YouTube video of Steven Zarit's Testimonal

STEVEN ZARIT on It's Supernatural with Sid Roth - Jewish Believer Walks in Miracles

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Healing Angels Miracles I Remember Wimber

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No more rubber

YouTube videos that are truly unique as well as enormously humorous stories that any Boomer, or young person will get a hug kick out of! The Lord has the most wonderful sense of humor!

If you ever watched the old Monte Hall series "Lets Make A Deal" on TV in the 1960's (boomers only), you'll likely recall the phrase- Will it be curtain No. 1, curtain No. 2 or curtain No. 3? and a pretty young woman would walk out of the winning curtain with terrific gifts for the winning contestant on the game show.

However, sometimes the prize was a scrawny looking, really awful rubber chicken the notorious "booby prize"! Whoever won the "booby prize" was obviously quite disappointed.

Sometimes as believers its not a stretch to say that we feel we've ended up with the rubber chicken, or the "booby prize" , all too often- despite our prayers hoping for any answer from the Lord than the one we sometimes receive.

The story Steven shares in this tale (No More Rubber Chickens), of overcoming faith, a true story about a young woman in her very early twenties, proves that our heavenly Father will never give us more than we can handle in our lives, without intervening in strategic ways when we think we may be going down for the third and last time. - when He catches us up in His loving arms!

Steven feels that any believer can move in the compassion ministry of Jesus when prompted by love and the direction of the Holy Spirit.

All I can say is ENJOY the videos especially Steven's funny testimony and praise the Lord for His wondrous work.

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Dear Web-site visitor,

I am writing my auto-biography, sharing my journey with the Lord over the last 43 years, and I need your help to come up with a catchy title for the book. One that would jump out at you or catch your eye as you peruse the bookstore shelves.

I have a lot of friends that have written funny titles to their books i.e. The Hippo in the Garden, Michael, Michael, why do you hate me?, You Bring the Bagels and I will bring the Bible, etc.

Well, you get the picture. Tentatively, its titled, LIVING NATURALLY SUPERNATURAL-One Jews Journey in the Realm of the Spirit. It's OK but so many other books resemble that title.

I want the title to be funny, so that it would catch the eye of the believer, non-believer and especially Jewish people.

The first chapter is entitled "Two Out of Three Isn't Bad" and the second chapter title is "the Holy What!" After you read the first two chapters of the book in rough form here on these pages, you will get the idea of the kind of title I am looking for, for my auto-biography.

I you have any idea's for a great title please e-mail me at, Thank You Steven


Two Out of Three Isn't Bad

It was one of those hot sunny California days, as my wife Romy and I drove up to the house in Westminster, one of many cities located back to back in Orange County, California. Once I climbed out of my cool, air-conditioned car, I immediately felt the warm sun on my face. Earlier that morning I had been reading the classifieds in the newspaper and ran across an advertisement for an old French Peugeot car. I had always dreamed of one day owning what the French called "The Mercedes Benz of France". Being a compulsive car buyer, I couldn't wait to talk to the owner about their car. I had driven the distance from Santa Ana to Westminster in less than 20 minutes. "Lead foot" is one of the many names that I go by. There's also: Rabbi, Dad, Honey, Babe, Steve, Steven and of course a few others that I won't mention. I saw the maroon car parked in the driveway as I drove up to the large two-story home. I had spoken to the wife of the man that owned the car before going over to their house, so I knew that I was expected.

As I knocked on the front door of the house, I envisioned in my mind the beautiful soft, red leather upholstery of the car that I had just looked at and touched in the driveway. While at the same time, I was thinking to myself, "I am such a compulsive person, when it comes to cars, am I ever going to be satisfied with the car that I have"? As I was trying to justify my life long buying binges with automobiles with my conscience, I was saved from this battle that I was loosing with myself, when the front door opened. A woman was standing there quizzically and asked me if I was the one that had just phoned to check out the car. I explained to her that I was, as she invited me inside. Just inside the door, I started to follow her, thinking that we were going into the living room to discuss the car with her husband. Instead, she started to lead me up the stairs, telling me as we went, that her husband has been ill in bed for a long time and hoped that I didn't mind going to their bedroom to talk with him there.

Just as the three of us rounded the bend in the staircase and were almost to the top of the stairs, I started to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit powerfully, thinking to myself, "Lord, what are you getting me into this time?" That still, small voice of the Holy Spirit spoke to me immediately and said "Be ready, this situation that you are in, is from me!" I had learned over the years that the Lord sets up what are called "Divine Appointments" and to try to always pay close attention to what the voice of the Holy Spirit was saying, knowing that it's much more fun to participate in what the Lord is doing rather than just watch. Sometimes the Lord speaks to me through His word, sometimes through a picture in my head and most of the time through a still small voice. My heart started to beat fast with anticipation not knowing what the Lord was up to. Why? Because its exciting to serve the Lord and participate in His wonderful works.

It had been over seven years since I had ask the Lord to use me in the compassion ministry of Jesus, praying for anyone and everyone that He wanted me to, no matter what the condition was. Back in 1980 I was totally amazed that the Lord had actually taken me up on my prayer request. I don't know why I was so amazed knowing that the Lord loves to answer prayers of His children. Even though the Word of God says that He gives us the desires of our heart, I just didn't think that God really wanted to use me, a Jewish businessman, born in Los Angeles and raised in Huntington Beach, California. I had thought in my understanding of scripture that the Lord only used people with clerical collars, stigmata, or those who'd had a deathbed experience of Jesus coming to them, healing them and telling them they now had the "gift of healing", or what I called "holy people", those that had most of the scriptures memorized or cried every time they said, "praise Jesus". Just like so many other Christians, I had believed the lie of the enemy. Believing that the Lord couldn't or wouldn't use "little old' me", but wait, I'm getting ahead of my story. Over the years I had seen so many healings and miracles that I knew that this incident would be no different than any of the other divine appointments that He had led me into previously. So it was with expectancy in my heart that I walked into the bedroom not knowing what I would find.

As my wife Romy went downstairs to talk to the man's wife ,what I found was a man laying on a large king size bed with his pajamas on. Papers and an attaché case were thrown around the top of the bedspread as if he had been trying to find something. As I looked at him and smiled, I waited for the next step in the Lord's divine plan. It came sooner than I expected. He half smiled at me and introduced himself as Jerry. I was going to introduce myself, but instead I asked him why he was in bed. He told me that he had hurt his back really bad and had been bed-ridden for two weeks and was in excruciating pain when he moved even just a little bit. I could see in the natural that he was extremely frustrated with his situation. Since I had seen the Lord work in wonderful ways in the past, I was a man "full of faith" for Jerry's healing and I immediately opened my mouth to say "Silver and Gold I don't have, but what I do have I give to you, Jerry rise up and walk"! Actually, I really didn't say that, but I wish that I had! It would have been an exciting addition to the story. Instead I said in one long breath, "Jerry, have you ever tried a chiropractor"? They might be able to help you, but don't tell your doctor as doctors are not very fond of chiropractors!" He smiled at me and said, "I am a doctor. I'm an OB-GYN at Kaiser hospital in Anaheim". For a fleeting moment, I visualized my foot stuck in my mouth, with my hand trying to dislodge it as I was trying to make a hasty retreat from the bedroom, hopping out the door on one foot. His voice brought me back to reality when he asked me to sit in the chair next to his bed to discuss the car with him.

I sat down, and as I did, I took the time to look around the room, I noticed a small picture of Jesus on the wall near the bed that many Catholics have in their homes. You know the one, where Jesus looks like a gentile rather than of Semitic background. I had always wondered about pictures of Jesus. Even though the Bible is very quiet as to what he looked like, the artists always seem to have him appear with gentile features rather than Jewish features. Now, I pictured Jesus looking like a slightly taller version of Paul Newman with shoulder length brown hair, dark Mediterranean skin and big, sky blue eyes that caused you to melt when you looked into them. Sorry, there I go digressing from the story again.

I tried as best I could to put up my spiritual antenna, as I knew in my spirit that the Lord was up to something, as to what exactly He was up to, I hadn't a clue. Did I mention that sometimes I have a dull mind? But that's alright God can use dull minds too! Jerry began to tell me about the car and its history and while he did, something strange started to happen to me. It's hard to put into words, but I'll try. I could see his mouth moving but could not hear a word he was saying. Instead I was listening to the voice inside my head. The voice said, "If you lay your hand on his back I will heal him." I then began to do something that you might find strange. I started to argue with that familiar voice that I had heard many times in the past, the voice of God. Thinking that surely the creator of the universe, the one who flung the stars in the sky, spoke the world into existence, had made a mistake in what he was saying. After all, this guy was a 'doctor', a very cerebral person. Didn't the Lord know that the cerebral ones were extremely hard to pray for effectively? It always seemed that when I prayed for one of them it was hard for them to receive from the Lord. I told the Lord, in my mind, that this guy would think that I was a certified California nut or worse yet, a fool, if I asked to pray for his healing. Then the Lord spoke very clearly to me and said, "In order for me to use you Steven, you will need to become a fool , a fool for Christ, to everyone in the world, for my sake." I remember my friend John Wimber telling me that when he first started to think about his life and where he wanted to go with it, he was sitting on a park bench in Los Angeles. An old man walked by wearing a clapboard sign. On one side of it, it said "I'm a fool for Christ" and on the other side it said, "who's fool are you"? That simple little sign profoundly changed his life.

So, knowing that the Word of God says to obey is better than sacrifice, I blurted out the words interrupting Jerry's dissertation on 'the car'. "Jerry, I said, I'm a Jew who believes in Jesus as my Lord and Savior". "Sometimes He uses me to heal people. By the way, He just told me that if I lay my hands on your low back, He is going to heal you". I thought that Jerry would say something like religious fanatics are not welcome in my home! Instead, he surprised me and said "why not, I'll try anything once". Why was I not surprised? The Lord always goes before us. I then asked him to roll over on his side and as he did I could see by the expression on his face that he was terrible pain. I placed my hand on the middle of his lower back and just as I did his son walked into the room and saw what I was doing and he immediately ran downstairs. Unbeknownst to me, he went to tell his mother that from what he saw, the guy upstairs must be a chiropractor.

As my hand touched his lower back, Jerry said "Wow! My entire back is burning hot where your hand is!" I told him " Jerry that is a good sign". I then asked the Lord to heal whatever was wrong with his back, in Jesus' name. And then, something happened that had happened many times before. The Lord bypassed my brain and put words into my mouth. Before I could take the words back I said, "Get out of bed Jerry, the Lord has healed you"! Jerry believed what I said by faith and climbed out of bed and stood in front of his bed. It was one of the funniest things that I had ever seen since the Lord had led me into the compassion ministry of Jesus. Jerry was trying to find the pain that he had for over two weeks, bending over in his pajamas in every direction. He reminded me of a person that had some weird bugs crawling in their clothes, or trying to learn the Hula.

Next, his wife came up the stairs and was astonished to see her husband standing up and with no pain. Remember her son thought that I was a chiropractor. She asked Jerry what had happened. Jerry said "this guy put his hand on my back and he healed me." I corrected him immediately and said, "whoa, Jerry I can't even cure a cold much less this condition, but Jesus can heal anything, "Jerry, Jesus has just healed you!" His wife then told me an interesting story. The week before, she had gone to her Catholic Church to listen to a charismatic Priest. During his ministry time he had laid his hands on her. She told me that she was instantly filled with a feeling of warmth and love, knowing for the first time in her life, the compassion and love that Jesus has for humanity. The next thing she had remembered was that she had passed out on the floor. She went home excited and had shared with Jerry what had happened to her. Jerry received her enthusiasm with a luke- warm reception, which had frustrated his wife. So she prayed that Jerry would have a life changing experience as well. Most likely, everyone else at the church was praying for him also. Then the Lord, in His infinite wisdom sends a Jewish believer to their house to lead Jerry from a lukewarm believer to an abundantly on fire one.

After Jerry's wife told me her story, Jerry walks up to me with tears in his eyes and said " I haven't had much time for Jesus in my life". I looked at him with compassion and said, "that's alright Jerry, Jesus has a lot of time for you", because He loves you"! They were both excited and I was once again blown away by God's wonderful ways of bringing his kingdom to those in need.

Well, I ended up buying the car and within six months it completely broke down and I had to junk it. But I looked at it this way, Jerry received his healing, started walking closely with Jesus and his wife found out that God answers prayer. So, two out of three isn't that bad! As I left Jerry's house full of joy in the Spirit that day, the Lord reminded me of the beginning of my walk with the Him in 1972. He also reminded me that if I remained faithful to be His heart, eyes, ears and hands to those in need, He would always back me up with a demonstration of the Holy Spirit's power. I can honestly say, he has kept that promise over the last forty three years.


The Holy What!!

1972 was an interesting year. Apollo 16 launched its 5th manned lunar landing. A U.S. Senator suggested that John Lennon be deported from the United States. President Nixon halted bombing of North Viet Nam and announced peace talks. Led Zeppelin was the most popular rock band in the world with their song, Stairway to Heaven. And, last but not least Creedence Clearwater Revival broke up. All in all it was an interesting year except for Creedence, what a bummer! I was working as an art director for a chain of direct mail shopper publications in Orange County, California. I was spending most of my time when not working, searching for the meaning to my life. Never in a million years did I think that it would lead me to a carpenter born in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago!

I was raised as non-religious Jew. What is a non-religious Jew, you ask? Well, it's a Jew that believes that there is a God, believes that the Jewish Bible is a great fiction book, but that has some great guidelines for living your life, goes to Synagogue on the Jewish holidays, but for the most part they are traditional or secular. To me in the early part of 1972, Jesus was the God of the gentiles, not a God of the Jewish people. I remember growing up attending elementary school in Lakewood, California, being told by my peers at school that Jews were the Christ killers. Some of the real jerks called me dirty Jew. Even though they hurt my feelings simply because I was Jewish, I really didn't know what they were talking about. I was not raised in Judaism in the strict sense of the word. Oh, I believed in God, but a God that lived, as the intro to the Star Wars movies puts it, in a galaxy far, far away.

I didn't really believe that God was really interested in human beings on a daily basis. You see, I believed that the Bible was a good history book but not the inspired 'word of God'. I felt that man, being fallible, had changed the Bible down through the ages to suit their needs. I remember when the December holiday season used to come at school. The classrooms were alight with the reds and greens of Christmas colors. My friends were all talking about what they were going to get for Christmas. My parents who had been raised in strict Orthodox Jewish homes, but were now traditional Jews, always wanted us to feel like we fit in with the rest of the kids in the neighborhood. So they always put a little branch on top of the TV and put some tinsel and bells on the branch. My dad would call it a 'Hanukkah Bush', symbolic of the burning bush that Moses saw on the top of Mount Sinai. I used to watch the little bush when I was young, on top of our old black and white 10 inch TV and think that at any second it would burst into flames and a voice would call out, " take the shoes off your feet Steven for the green shag carpet that you are standing on is holy ground.

I knew the kids at school were celebrating the birth of Jesus but I never realized that they thought he was the Son of God until I was much older. You see Jesus' name was used in the context of a dirty word around our house. His name was never used in reverence. I remember wanting to fit in at school, never wanting to be different. But when the Christmas holiday came the teacher inevitability always said to the class from the time I was in first grade, "kids! Steven celebrates the holiday different from the rest of us, so lets ask him to come up and share how he celebrates it". Every time that happened I wanted to scream out "I'm not different than the rest of you", I wanted to disappear and not see any of them again, but in my heart of hearts, I knew that I 'was' somehow different. As I shared about the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah some of the kids would be really interested and others would just laugh and after school the ones that laughed would call me 'dirty Jew'. Not realizing at that time, that they were merely imitating their parent's own words and feelings. Because of this persecution, I felt in my early years that I had to be better at everything than most of the kids in the class for two reasons. First to show them that Jewish people were not from another planet as some of my peers actually told me and second, because my brother who was nineteen months older than me was a homosexual (which I will go into in a later chapter). I wanted to be as masculine as I possibly could. I remember coming home and looking in the mirror thinking to myself "why do they think that I am so different from the rest of them". I was smart, one of the best athletics in the school and yet I just never seemed to fit in as one of the guys.

Going forward again to 1972 and my search for 'the meaning of life'. As you can see, I tend to go off on bunny trails. I spent much of my time watching the TV. I often came across Christian TV shows. Once in awhile I saw preachers asking the listening audience to put their hands on the TV and claim their healing. And gentiles thought that Jewish people were weird! How could people actually believe that touching an inanimate object like a TV set could heal them was beyond me. But, as I watched these preachers talking about the healing power of Jesus, something in my heart leapt for joy and I had a desire to be used in this way to help people. Not from a superior feeling of power over humans, but a true desire to see sick people get healed by just a touch, not necessarily through this Jesus character, but healed just the same. I thought if God would only use me like this I would be so fulfilled. I knew that I didn't think of myself as very holy considering the fact that I had tried LSD and marijuana during the heyday of the late sixties. But I did believe that I wasn't such a bad guy either.

Well, one day in the summer of 1972, a display ad salesman in the publishing company that I worked for, named Jim came into my office and stated quite bluntly. "Steven, I was driving in Anaheim and the voice of God spoke to me and told me to come back to the office and pray for you". Mind you, I had met some strange people during my 25 years on this planet, but this guy took the cake! I said, "you mean, the God who created the world, parted the Red Sea, wrote the Ten Commandments, that God? "He came all the way from the outer reaches of the universe and told you to come and pray for me"? He just looked at me with this sweet loving smile that made me sick. (You can tell I was in a great place to receive from God that day)! Then he simply said, Yes! I asked him what God wanted him to pray for and he said God would tell him while he was praying. I hesitated for about a half a second and said "get out of my office Jim, I'm Jewish and I don't believe in your gentile God! He just smiled and said that he understood me. But thank God, he was tenacious!

He then began to tell me that he had been an alcoholic and had left his wife and kids in the Midwest moved to California by himself eight months ago. He had found himself suicidal and ending up at a church called Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa. The pastor, Chuck Smith shared a simple gospel message and asked if anyone wanted to give their lives to Jesus. Jim told me that he felt he was being dragged down the isle to the front of the church by unseen hands. He then fell on his knees crying, repenting and asking this Jesus to come into his life. He told me that he was instantly delivered of alcoholism, and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. I interrupted him and said "Jesus", Jim get out of my office, anyone who says he heard God's voice, especially telling him to come and pray for me has got to have a few marbles loose. Jim just smiled 'that smile' as I asked him to leave.

I have to say that Jim was definitely tenacious, as he came back at least six times during the next month to ask to pray for me. Each time, as politely as my temper would let me I said ""no"!

Think about this! A baby Christian: being obedient to Christ's 'Great Commission', taking on, of all people, a Jew, to share the Love of God with him. If you are a Christian and have never lead someone to Christ. You need to repent, and ask the Lord to begin to lead you into divine appointments. Believe by faith in His Word and let Him use you to bring His love to those in need.

On one of his visits as Jim walked out of my office to go to the parking lot. I remember looking out the window, watching him walk to his car. I saw Jim talking to himself, at least that's what I thought he was doing at the time. He had his hands up in the air as if he was trying to catch some invisible balloon and then he started laughing. Jim looked so happy. I remember speaking to myself saying, "God, if you are really there, I don't know what Jim has but I want it!" Dear reader, watch out what you pray for as our God has a tendency to answer pray, especially prayed through a heart that is seeking the truth.

The next time Jim came to my office he went through his routine as in the past, but this time I threw him a curve ball. I said, "Sure you can pray for me!" He looked at me and started to smile 'that' smile again and said "great"! "Lets put your desk chair in the middle of the room and would you please sit down in it. I want to pray for your lower back," Jim knew that I had been having a lot of pain in my low back for some time. I thought to myself, we'll this can't be to bad, at least he didn't bring a TV set and ask me to lay my hands on it. Then to my surprise God threw me for a loop. He had Jim ask me to close my eyes, which I did, and then Jim said, " Steve, do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? When those words hit my ears and traveled to my brain I started to panic. My heart started to beat faster and faster. I didn't know what was happening. No one, I mean, no one, had ever asked me that question in my life. Yes, people had come up to me in the past at the beach, mall, and street corners and wanted to talk about Jesus but I brushed them off. This time for reasons only God knows, his words pressed hard on my mind. I found myself actually thinking about his question. I knew there was a God. I had been raised to believe that.

But here I was trying to ponder the question and wondering if God really loved me and wanted to heal me. In what seemed like a ten minute, interlude , I spoke to Him in my mind for the first time in many years and said with my eyes closed "God, if Jesus is your son then you prove it to me beyond a shadow of a doubt and if you do, I will serve Him for the rest of my life"! As I said those words in my mind, Jim laid his hand on my foot. Then a strange thing happened. As he did a fire began to go up my leg and then down the other one, up my trunk, chest, both arms and finally my head. The burning sensation got so intense that I thought that I was going to burn up from the inside out. It felt like there was a little man with a blowtorch going through my body burning it from the inside out. Then just as quickly as the burning sensation started, it changed to what I can only call waves of liquid love. It came, wave after wave increasing in intensity with each wave. It finally got so intense that I felt that I was about to die. Which I thought was strange since I didn't think anyone had ever died from love, obviously not knowing much about the cross of Calvary at the time.

Next, still with my eyes closed, I saw a vision of all the people of the world, not literally all the people but representations of all the people. I saw Italians, Jews, Arabs, Asians, Africans, Caucasians, Native Americans and just about every people group on the planet. I had such a love for humanity that it was bursting inside of me that I thought that I was literally going to burst with joy. Then I saw a huge hand appear in front of my face, like a hologram, that held the thumb and index finger in a position that you would use to show someone "just a little bit of something". I then heard a voice say.

"Steven you are only experiencing this much of the love that I have for humanity, if I gave you anymore you would surly die". I then was thrown down on the floor by an invisible hand with my face in the carpet. I was laughing so hard with a smile on my face that my jaws started to get cramps in them! I then realized that I was saying "thank you Jesus, I love you Jesus", over and over again. In my mind, I was trying to rationalize what was happening but couldn't. I said to myself, Steven do you realize what you are saying, you don't even believe in Jesus. I also experienced a feeling of fear as I was not in control of my feelings or emotions for I had always been in control of them in my life.

I then opened my eyes to see Jim standing over me. I found it hard to speak, but got the words out anyway, "Jim what is happening to me"? He asked what I was feeling and I told him everything. He then did something unexpected, he started to laugh and said, "Praise the Lord"! "You have just been baptized in the Holy Spirit". I said to him, "the Holy what"? He said again "the Holy Spirit, relax you have just been "born again". He then helped me up off the floor and led me to my sofa in my office. I didn't want to speak, as I loved the physical feeling that I was experiencing. The warmth, love, and most of all the peace. My central nervous system had never felt such peace. No wonder two of His names are Wonderful God and Prince of Peace. I experienced those two names of the Lord in living reality that day.

Jim smiled and said "do you have a Bible"? I said, "yes", "good" he said "you need to go home and read the gospel of John and the book of Acts tonight". I did just as Jim told me to do. I was shocked that what had happened to Jewish people 2,000 years ago, had just happened to me. I couldn't believe that I had wasted so much of my life, not knowing my wonderful savior. Then I started to cry. I knew the Lord has his timing for everything.

If you are a Christian, you may not have experienced your salvation the same way that I did, but as you know, our God is a God of diversity and He knew at that time, I needed a physical manifestation of his presence in my life to believe in His son. Whatever the reason, I became fanatical for Jesus. I shared my testimony with everyone that would listen and many that didn't want to listen, as I had to learn to be led by the Holy Spirit. I started reading the Bible and for the first time in my life, the scriptures came alive to me. I couldn't seem to get enough of it. And to put the icing on the cake, so to speak, every time I picked up my Bible the presence of the Lord came upon me so strong that I was compelled to get on my knees and worship him. I can't explain this theologically but it really happened. The day after coming into God's kingdom I came out of my office and stood before my employees, the graphic artists of our company, about twenty in all. I was bubbling over with love for Jesus. I then began to explain to my employees what had happened to me the day before. Remember, they only knew the pre-conversion Steven. After I shared with them. They were a little skeptical of what I was saying. I realized that I had to not only share that Christ had changed me, I had to model it in my life, so that the would see the difference. Within one month at least ten of them came to faith in the Lord.

During the next month the presence of the Lord was upon me just about all the time. I spent so much time in that office on my knees praising the Lord for His love for me, that my knees started to hurt. I was working at an art table one day about a month after my salvation experience. The presence of the Lord came upon me so strong that I couldn't do my work. I walked into my office and prayed to the Lord and said, "Lord, you know I love your presence, but if this continues I'm going to lose my job". Just as I got the words out of my mouth Jim walked into my office and said, "Steven, I was driving in Anaheim again and the Lord spoke to me and told me that you need to get baptized". And just like a little child, I said "OK, where do we go to get baptized and who are we going to get to do it". Since it was fall, and the ocean was cold, Jim said his mother lived in an apartment complex that had a swimming pool, in the city of Garden Grove. "Let's go there, and I'll do it". He said. So off we went to his mom's place. If you would have lived in that apartment complex that fall day you would have seen a very strange sight. Two young men in the swimming pool, one in his underwear, and the other in his street clothes, in the pool with their arms around each other. As Jim baptized me, I came out of the water with the sense that I was able to contain the physical feeling that was upon me and thus be able to do my job. After that day, I used to wake up each morning and make sure that the physical presence of the Lord was upon me. One day about six months after my salvation experience, I woke up and the strong presence of the Lord was gone. I panicked, but as I prayed I heard that still small voice of the Lord say," my child, it's time to walk by faith and not by a physical experience." Bummer!

You are most likely wondering what my parents thought of this supernatural experience. We'll I immediately went over to my parents home to tell them. Remember, Jesus was not a person excepted in conversation around my parent's home except in an explicited remark. I sat my parents down and told them the entire story. My mom looked at me and said in a monotone voice, "I'm glad your happy, but I wish you could have found that happiness in the Jewish faith". I said, "Mom, I feel more Jewish now, than I ever have in my entire life". And so, we left it at that, for the time being, agreeing to disagree on eternity.