"For I am the Lord, who heals you."
(EXODUS 15:26)


STEVEN ZARIT A Jewish Believers Testimony YouTube video of Steven Zarit's Testimonal

STEVEN ZARIT on It's Supernatural with Sid Roth - Jewish Believer Walks in Miracles

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Healing Angels Miracles I Remember Wimber

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No more rubber

YouTube videos that are truly unique as well as enormously humorous stories that any Boomer, or young person will get a huge kick out of! The Lord has the most wonderful sense of humor!

If you ever watched the old Monte Hall series "Lets Make A Deal" on TV in the 1960's (boomers only), you'll likely recall the phrase- Will it be curtain No. 1, curtain No. 2 or curtain No. 3? and a pretty young woman would walk out of the winning curtain with terrific gifts for the winning contestant on the game show.

However, sometimes the prize was a scrawny looking, really awful rubber chicken the notorious "booby prize"! Whoever won the "booby prize" was obviously quite disappointed.

Sometimes as believers its not a stretch to say that we feel we've ended up with the rubber chicken, or the "booby prize" , all too often- despite our prayers hoping for any answer from the Lord than the one we sometimes receive.

The story Steven shares in this tale (No More Rubber Chickens), of overcoming faith, a true story about a young woman in her very early twenties, proves that our heavenly Father will never give us more than we can handle in our lives, without intervening in strategic ways when we think we may be going down for the third and last time. - when He catches us up in His loving arms!

Steven feels that any believer can move in the compassion ministry of Jesus when prompted by love and the direction of the Holy Spirit.

All I can say is ENJOY the videos especially Steven's funny testimony and praise the Lord for His wondrous work.

Welcome to
Share The Flame Ministry
with Steven Zarit

The word "FLAME" ( in the Old Testament means, the love of God.
So we here at Share The Flame Ministry desire to share God's love through teaching and ministry in the Holy Spirit.


Steven_ZaritSteven was born and raised in a Jewish home in Los Angeles, California.He moved to Huntington Beach, California in 1962. The Lord had been wooing him since 1969 and he came to know Jesus (Yeshua) as his personal Lord and Savior through a supernatural experience with the Lord during the "Jesus People Revival" in 1972.

In 1979, the Lord lead him into a healing ministry three months before he started attending Calvary Chapel of Yorba Linda, California, pastored by John Wimber. Later that year the churches name was changed to Vineyard Christian Fellowship. During the early 1980's the Vineyard Movement , as it had come to be called, would become to be known as a church that moved in "Signs and Wonders".

After spending twenty-three years in the publishing business, including being the founder and publisher of "Contemporary Christian Music Magazine with his partner, John Styll in the mid-1970's. In March 1986, Steven went on staff full-time as General Manager/Vice President of Vineyard Ministries International, the personal international ministry of the late John Wimber, which consisted of Vineyard Music, Equipping the Saints Magazine, International and Domestic Conferencing, International Music contracts, product design, manufacturing and worldwide marketing.

Steven and his wife Romy also pastored the adult singles at the Anaheim, Vineyard for two years before he devoted all of his time to running Vineyard Ministries International, he traveled with the senior pastor of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Anaheim, the late John Wimber for fourteen years. Ministering around the world in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

He brings to his meetings, as a speaker, especially his testimony, a transparent, sometimes funny, poignant, and simplistic approach to teaching God's Word and ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit. His desire is to "equip the Saints" to do the work of the Kingdom of God, which is here now and yet to come.If you would ask Steven to describe the ministry in which the Lord uses him in.

He would say in the words of Paul the Apostle "I come to you in weakness and fear and with much trembling. My message and preaching are not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit's power, so that your faith might not rest on mens wisdom, but on God's power. (1st Corinthians 2:4-5)

Steven has literally seen hundreds of healing's, miracles, and people touched by the awesome power of God during the last 37 years.

If you come to one of his meeting, come prepared to let the Lord bring healing to your life, whether your healing need is physical, spiritual, emotional or you are simply in need of a refreshing in your walk with the Lord. It is Steven's strong belief that the Lord wants to touch each and everyone of His children, to encourage them, give them hope and a vision for their future.

His background with the emphasis being primarily on teaching the Word of God, also has a profound edge to it because of his deep faith that the promises of God are ALWAYS "yes and amen"! It is his earnest desire that everyone, whoever you are, experience a touch of God's love.



I am starting to write my auto-biography. Here are the first two rough chapters of my auto-biography. Please let me know your impressions as I value them.

I have a lot to share concerning what I have learned in the healing and deliverance ministry and how to really hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. Also, things that I have learned over the past thirty-seven years in ministry. I share everything as it actually happened, no embellishment, at least to the best of my memory.

If you want to share your thoughts or just contact with me to correspond or minister at your church, (thats an advertisement), please e-mail me at

Also, the title of the book is not set in concrete , so if you come up with something else that would catch the readers eye as there are so many Christian books out today that people buy and they just gather dust on someones shelf, please don't hesitate to share your thoughts. >>> READ A FEW CHAPTERS OF MY BOOK